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Infothek biodiversity

What does biodiversity mean? What can everyone contribute to the protection of biodiversity? Every contribution is important!

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small tortoiseshell at eryngium. Copyright by Jaresm. Free Images.

biodiversity at 2021!

What does biodiversity mean? The Austrian Ecolabel takes a look at this frequently used term and will increasingly deal with it in 2021.

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Biodiversity - wildlife conservation around the building

New construction - renovation - climate protection and species conservation on the building? Now it's time to get wild!

Michael Moll. dieweltenbummler.de

climate adaptation - green buildings and biodiversity

New construction - renovation - climate protection - biodiversity at the building? These are not contradictions, but potential synergies!

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Nature-oriented gardening without chemicals

Many synthetic chemical pesticides have a negative effect on human health as well as on animals and plants. Good gardening without chemicals starts with the choice of plants and relies on natural cycles and eco-labelled products.

Spring at the Wienerwald. Copyright by Josef E. Galdberger.

Important step for a collective biodiversity strategy 2030

A commission of high-ranking experts met for the first time on July 14, 2021, to discuss the new draft of the Biodiversity Strategy 2030 for Austria - first and unique, the open, participatory process behind it!

„Plastic Planet“ – in every sphere we find plastic residues! Copyright by dottedhippo. Getty Images.

Microplastics is everywhere

Update: Release of environmentally harmful microplastics to be drastically reduced - Public consultation on the "Microplastics Action Plan" until 4 March 2022 Submit comments on the plan

The moor of Heidenreichstein at the Prügelsteg (Lower Austria). Copyright by Horst Dolak.

Protect natural cycles!

Peatlands are among the most endangered habitats in Europe. They are home to highly specialized animals and plants, are huge reservoirs of greenhouse gases and have an aesthetic as well as spiritual value!

Why recycled paper is good for biodiversity

Recycled paper helps to preserve biodiversity. By producing it from 100% recovered paper, forests can be noticeably relieved, providing a natural habitat for various species.

Crocus at the Koralm. Copyright by Robert Erhart.

Out into nature - but properly!

The first spring flowers are blooming and with them the hope for an early relaxation of the Corona measures. The past few months have probably not been easy for anyone. Home office, distance learning, predominantly digital communication - a lot of time spent at home and in front of screens. As we saw last year, this is an ideal breeding ground. A breeding ground for desire... for freedom, self-determination, real experiences. So it's no wonder that more and more people are drawn to exactly where they can find that: in nature.

Camping Au an der Donau Flower meadows. Copyright by Camping Au an der Donau.

Green Camping

After the lock down, many people are drawn back out into nature - a holiday at an eco-labelled campsite in Austria offers good conditions for this.

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part One - biodiversity

In the guideline for tourism and leisure businesses, there is a requirement in criterion UZ 200-F05 to motivate businesses to contribute to the promotion of biodiversity.