Tagen in Österreeich

Ecolabel conference hotels are once again among the elite of the convention industry

The most popular seminar hotels are awarded the Golden Flipchart by "Tagen in Österreich". Fortunately, there are always numerous Austrian Ecolabel hotels among them!

At the presentation of the 26th edition of "Tage in Österreich", the guide to the Austrian seminar hotel and congress landscape, as part of the "Meet the Best" conference fair at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein in Linz on November the 25th, 2015, the "Golden Flipcharts” awarded to the most popular seminar hotels 2015. The basis for this award is the evaluation of more than 15,000 questionnaires from trainers and seminar guests and a qualified customer feedback on the satisfaction and popularity of the individual companies.

With the Hotel Retter, the 2015 national winner and the state winner of Styria both went back to an eco-label show company in an almost tried and tested manner. Further environmental label winners came with the "Wesenufer Hotel & Seminar Culture on the Danube" from Upper Austria and the "Hotel-Restaurant Ammerhauser” from Salzburg. Both companies had already achieved first place in their state in 2014.

The second place of the "Garten-Hotel Ochensberger" in Styria completes the excellent result of the eco-label operations, which impressively shows that ecologically and sustainably operating companies are also ahead in terms of quality and guest satisfaction.

Informal discussions indicate that more of the winning companies have already started implementing the Ecolabel.

In addition to being selected as the Seminar Hotel of the year, "Flip-Float Classification" is also conducted by "Days in Austria", in which companies are assessed according to the criteria for seminar and congress tourism. Here too, eco-labeling companies represent a considerable proportion with eight out of 38 classified holdings.

The eco-labels "Villa Sonnwend" in Upper Austria and "Almwellness Hotel Pierer" in Styria were newly classified, with four flipcharts.

The eco-label team congratulates all the excellent and classified companies!

All eco-labels and licensees for green meetings and events are marked with the eco-label in the newly published conference guide "Tagen in Österreich" as well as on the homepage www.tagen.at.

Further Information: www.tagen.at