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Green Give-aways for congresses

Giveaways and promotional items are important marketing tools - especially if they are ecological and practical.

Give-aways are popular at trade fairs and congresses

At congresses and fairs countless promotional items are distributed in specialized exhibitions and at trade fair stands. Giveaways and promotional items are very popular with companies as well as visitors to exhibitions, conferences and fairs: they have a wide range, often convince by their originality or usability and are versatile. The disadvantage is that promotional items often end up in the trash without being used and it also causes large amounts of waste through their production and packaging methods.

Sustainability at Give-aways

More and more companies are certifying themselves or their products in accordance with environmental protection guidelines such as the Austrian Ecolabel, relying on CO2 savings and engaging with society and the environment through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) measures. Companies with a sustainable corporate strategy therefore increasingly refrain from using advertising materials and thus lose an important marketing tool, but that does not have to be the case: through the use of certified sustainable promotional products, the company message can be conveyed to the outside world while at the same time protecting the environment.

What do I think about sustainable advertising material?

You organize congresses and fairs or you are a self-exhibiting company? Conventional promotional products contradict your company philosophy and you would like to relinquish the effect of giveaways?

"The environment consultation" has taken the initiative together with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ecology Institute to create a platform for sustainable promotional products. The so-called "GreenGimix" combine ecological and social aspects and are very in trend.

In the database are articles of various categories such as cleaning products, office supplies or accessories. All products meet well-defined criteria that ensure that production complies with environmental and social standards such as resource conservation, decent working conditions and reduced CO2 emissions. The longevity and usefulness of the promotional items are also included in the evaluation. This ensures that every product listed is an environmentally and socially acceptable alternative to conventional promotional items.

The database also lists some products that have been awarded by the Austrian Ecolabel. Search the database for matching items and order directly from manufacturers or distributors.

If you have any questions, the staff of "The environment consultation" is at your disposal. For more information, visit the website of "The environment consultation"