Austrian Ecolabel schools as pioneers for sustainable development

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The award-winning educational institutions make a significant contribution to the goals for sustainable development adopted by the UN General Assembly in New York on 25 September 2015. Austria, has committed itself to implementing these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - we are called upon to commit ourselves to high-quality education, health and well-being, sustainable consumption and the conservation of biodiversity, to mention only a few of the defined goals.

Excellent learning with the Austrian Ecolabel for schools and universities of education

About 34, 000 pupils and over 4, 000 teachers in 108 schools benefit from the effects of the Ecolabel. In addition to raising awareness for sustainable development, the food and drink offer is being improved in the direction of healthy, regional and ecological. In new buildings and renovaitons state-of-the-art pedagogical room concepts are being implemented. Ecolabel schools also pay attention to environmentally friendly school materials and ensure that valuable resources such as water and energy are used carefully. This avoids waste and saves water and energy. The learning climate is promoted by moving lessons, a social school climate, variety of methods and teamwork in projects. The numerous measures not only benefit the environment, they also lead to an improvement in teamwork and the school climate.

State professional school Pinkafeld

The Austrian Ecolabel creates permanent structures to integrate environmental and climate protection, health care and educational quality into everyday school life. Knowledge and action are equally important. Moreover, the Ecolabel is a source of sustainable development for the regions. The implementation of the 113 Ecolabel criteria supports in the best way both the #mission2030 for climate protection and the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development (SDGs).

An Ecolabel school must meet the holistic criteria and undergo strict monitoring in the areas of environmental education and pedagogy, resource conservation and health.

The future of education begins in kindergarten

In kindergarten, people's chances for their later life are decisively influenced. Language and social skills, education for sustainable development and participation as a basis for democracy help children to master the challenges they will face later. The Ecolabel promotes the quality of kindergartens from the perspective of sustainability. It is therefore about knowledge and action in everyday life on the topics of environmental and climate protection, health care, quality of education and participation. Currently, 7 particularly committed kindergartens have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.

Practical kindergarten of the BAfEB Sacré Coeur Pressbaum

In the context of the Ecolabel award ceremony in Vienna, 8 local schools were awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for the first time. A further 29 schools were honoured for their long-standing commitment. A kindergarten also successfully implemented the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.The numerous initiatives and projects of the eco-label schools and eco-label kindergartens are a strong signal for climate protection and sustainable development. Former Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger from the Ministry of the Environment and Federal Minister Heinz Faßmann from the Ministry of Education were convinced of this when they handed over the certificate. The event itself is certified as a Green Event.

Since 15 years for quality in education and environmental protection

The Austrian Ecolabel was also introduced in 2002 for schools and educational institutions. It is awarded jointly for four years by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and the Federal Ministry of Education (BMB). Throughout Austria more than 32,692 pupils are currently being trained by 4,046 teachers in 109 schools that are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel.

Since 2018, kindergartens have also been able to obtain certification with the Austrian Ecolabel. The guideline is intended for the certification of dedicated kindergartens: In the sense of Education for Sustainable Development, it is about knowledge and action in everyday life on the topics of environmental protection, health care, educational quality and participation. In this way, kindergartens become places for sustainable development and role models for the next generations.

Video of the award ceremony

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