The Living Ecolabel with the lettering added. Copyright by HLBLA St.Florian.

Living Ecolabel at the HLBLA St. Florian

The Höhere Landwirtschaftliche Bundeslehranstalt St. Florian has been an Ecolabel holder since 2006 and has thus long ago committed itself to environmentally compatible and sustainable action in a wide variety of areas.

The extensive catalogue of criteria that must be fulfilled ranges from a varied teaching programme to an attractive outdoor area and ecological cleaning to the supply of renewable energy to the building - to name just a few selected points.

The next audit is due in spring 2022. External experts will check compliance with the criteria and decide whether to extend the Ecolabel for another five years.
In preparation for this, the entire school community of the HLBLA St. Florian has now met for the "genetic rehearsal for the Ecolabel audit".

For one afternoon, they worked intensively in small groups on various topics concerning the Ecolabel. They got an overview of the requirements (must and should criteria) in the different areas and reflected on the implementation in the school - for example nutrition, outdoor design, mission statement, waste separation, biodiversity in the school grounds, and much more. Of course, all participants had the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement in order to be perfectly prepared for the upcoming external audit.

In the meantime, a group of pupils prepared the "Living Ecolabel": All students, teachers and staff of the school positioned themselves on the sports field in the form of the "environmental symbol". With the help of a drone, the living Ecolabel was photographed - a nice and unifying final action of the "dress rehearsal for the Ecolabel audit".

Further information on the Ecolabel:

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Many thanks for the great campaign and the press release by DIin Dagmar Thaller.