Basteln mit Kindern

Childcare at home: This makes it easier!

Childcare at home is always a challenge - even more so with parents working in homeoffice.

The eco-label kindergarten Mooskirchen supports parents with inspiring ideas.

Of course, we adhere to the governmental guidelines and offer an emergency service in the eco-label kindergarten Mooskirchen in order to offer all parents who are working the best care for their children.

In order to support partens with their children at home the staff ofthe kindergarten have come up with something very special: On the homepage of the municipality of Mooskirchen parents will find handicraft instructions especially for the little ones on a "children's page".

On the Kinderseite 1 (18.3.2020) a balloon bed is being built:

Kinderseite 2 (20.3.2020) gives instructions for building a miniature golf course:

The project fishing game continues on Kinderseite 3 (22.3.2020).

On Kinderseite 4 (25.3.2020) you will find instructions for the movement game balloon tennis or how to easily make a sock puppet.

Kinderseite 5 from 27.3.2020 gives suggestions for Easter handicrafts and tips on how to bring spring into your home.

On the Kinderseite 6 from 30.3.2020 you can not only do handicrafts for Easter, but also build a simple but exciting labyrinth.

The Kinderseite 7 from 1.4.2020 contains a text for a Corona song for children.