Gesäuse entry

Take a deep breath, experience, enjoy & learn

Out at last! The days are getting longer and warmer, our longing for adventures and experiences in nature is growing. The national parks awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and the nature park Sparbach offer a variety of possibilities for young and old.

Before we embark on new adventures, embark on expeditions or simply relax, there is something to be pointed out:

Walk the line → Follow the rules. Please adhere to the rules of conduct(!) of the respective protected areas and the current legal requirements of the Federal Government. This means taking along a mouth and nose protector and keeping the minimum distance. Also make sure you have the appropriate equipment(!) such as sturdy shoes, water bottle, weatherproof clothing, binoculars and, if necessary, a snack.

Everything clear? Let's go!


At the gates of Vienna. The oldest nature park of Austria has opened its gates again since 15th May (until 2nd November). The activities of the nature park are based on the four pillars - protection, recreation, education and regional development - and can be admired, explored and enjoyed daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wild sow and young boar.

Step by step. Enjoy the hiking trails through the nature park and discover botanical and zoological specialities, such as the stag beetle or the black hellebore. On the Diana meadow you can listen to the sound orchestra of crickets in early summer, followed by locusts and cicadas in summer. Guided tours and holiday games may be offered for the summer holidays, and bookings can be made for the popular barbecue areas. Please refer to the information on our homepage.


Contactless flow of information. With our audio guide, we as the Sparbach Nature Park are taking a new approach to communicating nature conservation issues. Well-known from museums, our audio guide deals with the history of the nature park in the context of nature conservation. In November 2018 our Audio Guide was awarded "Best of Austria" as an exemplary educational project in the field of Education for Sustainable Development by the Forum Environmental Education within the World Action Programme.
Our audio guide accompanies you on your hike and offers you exciting information about the nature park and its special features at selected locations. Try it out for yourself: 1) Download the "Hearonymus App" to your smartphone free of charge 2)Search for the keyword "Sparbach" and download the guide. 3) Open the guide under "Hearonymus - My Guides" and here we go!


In the wild G`seis. The habitats of rock, alpine pasture, forest and water are the defining elements of the Gesäuse National Park. The raging wild river Enns with its monumental breakthrough valley between Admont and Hieflau, as well as the surrounding " Gesäuse mountains", which rise as wildly rugged, striking high mountains with calcareous, rugged rock faces and bizarre ridges above the darkly appearing valley floor of the Enns and form a truly magnificent scenery.


We're back! As usual, our events will take place in small groups from June onwards, our rangers have been specially trained in corona protection measures and those who go hiking individually will often not meet anybody for hours.

Where are we! From 29 May (except Mondays) the gastronomy in the National Park Pavilion in Gstatterboden welcomes you from 10 to 22 o'clock. Before or after refreshments you can visit the exhibition "Planspitze - Berg der Gegensätze" (Planspitze - Mountain of contrasts) in the National Park Pavilion in Gstatterboden with your family or in small groups from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The Willow Dome is open from 30 May on weekends and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Research programmes with limited group size are offered daily at 11 / 2 / 4 p.m. from 1 July to 13 September. For more information please visit the website.

Manifold diversity. Whether along the theme trails "Wild John", "Lettmair Au", "Leierweg", at the walkable "Ecological Footprint" or in search of orchids, endemics, woodpeckers or butterflies. An unbelievable biodiversity can be admired along the hiking trails, which are all pasable.

Research program before Covid-19

No boredom in summer. Yes! The summer program for children will probably take place (almost) as planned. Subject to the latest regulations for holiday camps, different summer camps, Junior Ranger days and a Junior Ranger Camp are planned.

Where? How? What? The National Park App for all cases. An interactive leisure map shows you where there are interesting places, sights and inns depending on the location. In the "Experience" section, visitor centres, walks, hiking tours and interesting things for children as well as barrier-free offers will banish boredom. Want more? Please click here.

for more adventures please stay tuned ... To be continued!