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The quality label has been created in 2010. It demonstrates environmentally conscious as well as socially responsible management of a meeting . It shows that an enterprise specialised in it acts in a professional way and thinks and acts in a more future-oriented way than other enterprises. It is committed to the preservation of the bases of life and pays attention to the well-being of participants as well as of staff members.


Which events can receive the Austrian Ecolabel?


Who can become a licensee?



On the basis of a comprehensive criteria catalogue a meeting must comply with requirements in the following fields: Offers of an environmentally-friendly journey to the Conference venue, mobility on the spot and CO2 reduction, environmentally-friendly accommodations, requirements for the conference venue, catering and exhibition stand builders, environmentally-friendly procurement, material and waste management, social aspects and communication.

In addition to that the specific situation such as size, offer, equipment or location is addressed through the use of selectable directory criteria. Moreover, particularities are rewarded, such as the exclusive use of organic food in catering, special offers for persons with handicaps and their families. The implementing enterprise itself must furnish proof of its competence in sustainable office management.



If an organiser carries out or wants to carry out environmentally friendly meetings or is interested in a licence the first contact would be with the "Verein fr Konsumenteninformation" (Austrian Consumers Association). The second contact would be to a consultant who accompanies the entrepreneurs in the process of the implementation of the first meeting and supports them on their way to licensing. Corporate internal environmental requirements have to be complied with, a Green Meeting agent is to be appointed and the staff members are to be informed and partly to be trained. The organisation of a Green Meeting and the compliance with the respective requirements are to be laid down with the customer in a contract.

The use of the Ecolabel is allowed for a period of four years, for events in which all mandatory criteria are complied with and a certain number of scores is reached from the directory proposals.

Every event within the utilisation period must be entered into a special "Green Meetings" online software and must be licensed by this software. The events are subjected to random-sample check-ups. After the expiry of the four years period an extension of the period of utilisation of the Ecolabel by means of a follow-up audit is possible.


The website

The page (German only) provides for the organisers a platform, where he/she can certify his/her events and present them publicly.